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Whether you’re looking for roses for a sweetheart, mothers day bouquets, wedding or funeral flowers, a beautiful dozen roses, fruit basket, candy, silk flowers, balloons or a fresh arrangement, has a shop that’s right for you. Celebrating a special birthday or anniversary? Let us direct you to a local retail store from our nationwide listings of any area code that can provide same day delivery service to reach that special someone fast! Use the flower shop’s convenient 1 800 number provided in their ad to call the local florist for free!


The word "Flower" in different languages:

Nederlands (Dutch)
bloem, het beste, poeder, schuim van vergisting, bloemrijk taalgebruik, bloei, bloem-, bloemen-, bloeien, doen bloeien, met bloemen versieren, ontwikkelen

Français (French)
fleur, floraison, fleurir, s'épanouir, à fleurs, fleuri

Deutsch (German)
n. - Blume, Blüte
v. - blühen

Ελληνική (Greek)
n. άνθος, λουλούδι, άνθιση v. ανθώ, ανθίζω, λουλουδιάζω, λουλουδίζω adj. των λουλουδιών

Italiano (Italian)
fiorire, crescere, fiore, floreale

Português (Portuguese)
n. - flor (f)
v. - florescer

Русский (Russian)
цвести, цветок, краса, расцвет

Español (Spanish)
n. - flor, floración, florecimiento
v. intr. - florecer, estar en cierne, estar en flor
v. tr. - florear, decorar con flores

Bulgarian (Bulgarski)
n. - zvetia, cvetia, zvetarski magazin Bulgaria Flowers
v. - bera zvetia, zvetar
adj. - zveten-, pupka-
Svenska (Swedish)
n. - blomma, blomning, aromen (bildl.), (retorisk) blomma
v. - blomma, blomstra (bildl.), pryda med blommor, driva i blom
adj. - blom-, blomster-

中国话 (Simplified Chinese)
n. - 花, 盛时, 精华
v. intr. - 开花, 成熟, 旺盛
v. tr. - 用花装饰, 使开花

中國話 (Traditional Chinese)
n. - 花, 盛時, 精華
v. intr. - 開花, 成熟, 旺盛
v. tr. - 用花裝飾, 使開花

日本語 (Japanese)
n. - 花, 草花, 開花, 満開, 最も優れた部分, 最盛期, 青春
v. - 花が咲く, 花開く, 栄える

العربيه (Arabic)
‏(الاسم) وردة (فعل) يزهر , ينور (صفه)‏

עברית (Hebrew)‬
n. - ‮פרח, צמח המטופח בשל פרחיו, פאר, מיטב‬
v. intr. - ‮פרח‬
v. tr. - ‮גרם או איפשר לצמח לפרוח, פרח, קישט בפרחים, צמח המטופח בשל פרחיו, פאר, מיטב‬


The US florists industry includes about 16,000 retail flower shops with combined annual revenue of about $5 billion. No major companies dominate the industry, which is highly fragmented: the 50 largest companies account for less than 10 percent of revenue. Companies such as 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, FTD, and Teleflora serve as sources of orders for independent florists as well as sources of competition.